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Regional development: ICT and Innovation

Information technology today represents one of the most important dimensions in our every day life. It has dramatical change the way of communication, the way that we do business, it influences on economy and knowledge growth. As such opens new ways of thinking and is wide open to the innovation. Take into account only last few phenomena that arrised recently – open source, social networking, cloud computing, data mining. These are important topics that brings new opportunities and economy models to business development and economy growth at regional, national and global aspect. The Faculty of Information studies in Novo mesto with support of chamber of commerce of Dolenjska is preparing the second international event on information technologies and information society ISIT2010 wich will be held on 10-12 November in Dolenjske Toplice with excellent keynote presenters that will discuss about these important topics and will bring the latest research and bussines practices from world to the region. We were talking with these year top presenters Ingo Mierswa, the CEO of Rapid-I, a company that growth up from the academia and produce today one of most recognized open source tool for Data Mining, Les Skyper  founder and president of Group Commons, USA, and Matjaž Jurič, head of Slovenian Cloud computing centre.

Ingo warm welcome to this interview. You had established innovative and high tech company Rapid-I trough your research work at University of Dortmund. Could you explain us some more facts about how all began and what is Rapid I today.
Sure. The story around Rapid-I is closely connected to the history of RapidMiner. Back in 2001, we first started developing a data mining software environment named YALE as research assistants of Prof. Dr. Katharina Morik at University of Dortmund, Germany. We envisioned a data mining tool that was more flexible and by far more powerful than the tools available in the market. We made YALE available as open source software from the first version on and it quickly attracted lots of users.

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In order to be included in the Proceedings, the paper (full, short or a poster)  needs to be registered until the 1th of November 2010 and must be presented at the conference or workshops.

Please use the following form and payment procedure, attach it to the message and register to the event at: klavdija.macedoni@fis.unm.si, subject “ISIT2010 registration”

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Accomodation information

All information are avaiable on Terme Krka. There is special discount for conference attendees in Balnea superior (86 EUR for double room, 111 EUR for single)

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ISIT10 call for papers

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ISIT10 announcement

Welcome to the Second conference of Information Technologies and Information Society the ISIT2010 organized by the Faculty of Information Studies. It will be held from 10 – 12 November, 2010 at Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia.

The ISIT is an important ICT international conference held in Slovenia. The focus of the conference continues last year’s emerging topics with additional track of Data Mining.  The ISIT2010 is  specialized but not limited to following topics of interest:

  • Social Media
  • Data Minig and Intelligent Services
  • WEB technologies and Bussines Informatics

The 2010 conference will held student and doctoral section. For more information see About Conference and Call for Papers.